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WKU Alumni Association to host ‘Intergenerational LGBTQIA+ (and Allies) Supper’


The WKU Alumni Association will host an Intergenerational LGBTQIA+ Supper on April 9 .

Students, faculty members, staff, alumni and community members are all able to attend and connect with generations of the LGBTQIA+ community. Students will also be able to learn about resources, support networks and upcoming LGBTQIA+ programs on campus. 

The hope is for new intergenerational friendships to be forged over a meal and meaningful conversation.

“Students attending the WKU Intergenerational LGBTQIA+, and Allies, Supper can expect a welcoming environment, a free meal, engaging conversations, and an opportunity to connect with diverse individuals,” Anthony McAdoo, executive director of the WKU Alumni Association and one of the organizers of the event said. “The event will feature a delicious meal, structured table rotations with discussion prompts, and a chance to build intergenerational friendships.”

The event started a year ago when Audra Jennings, department head and professor in the history department, approached McAdoo.

“It all started when Dr. Jennings approached me about the concept modeled after elder dinners hosted in other communities to prevent isolation for the elderly LGBTQIA+ community,” McAdoo said. “We had the idea that we could focus on all generations and bring the WKU community together from students, staff, faculty, alumni, donors and community members to forge relationships and share insights across generations.”

With this, Jennings and McAdoo were able to organize their first supper in the spring of 2023. They were incredibly pleased with the response and the amount of organizations stepping forward to help sponsor.

McAdoo, as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community himself, involves himself closely with the event. He can always be seen in attendance actively participating in creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. He does so by creating conversation, sharing experiences, and supporting intergenerational connections, McAdoo said.

“I hope that those who attend the event feel a sense of belonging and community,” McAdoo said. “I hope they take away valuable connections, new friendships and a strengthened sense of community. Additionally, I hope attendees gain insights, resources and encouragement to foster belonging and support each other.”

Interested individuals can register to attend on the WKU Alumni Association website. Both members of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies alike are welcome.

News Reporter Shayla Abney can be reached at [email protected].

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