SGA election results announced, Cole Bornefeld wins presidency

Makaio Smith, News reporter

The election results are in: the new Student Government Association president is Cole Bornefeld.

Bornefeld was announced as the winner of the presidential election just after midnight on April 20, collecting 49% of the vote.

“First and foremost, I would just like to thank the students of Western Kentucky that voted in confidence of this ticket,” Bornefeld said. “We campaigned [that this] is not about us, but it’s about the students of Western Kentucky, and I am going to continue to make that our motto going through.”

Alexis Courtenay placed second with 40% of the vote and Olivia Feck came in third, taking home 11%. 

“I would like to congratulate the other tickets that ran against us for a hard fought race,” Bornefeld said. “Great women that ran against us, and they definitely put in the work.”

Sam Kurtz and Garrison Reed, also part of Bornefeld’s ticket, were elected as Administrative Vice President and Executive Vice President, respectively.

The senior class senators are Olivia Feck, Matthew Gadd, and James Cecil.

The junior class senators are Mallory Hardesty, Aniya Johnson and Preston Romanov.

The sophomore class senators are Ethan Taylor, Reed Hensley and Jakob Briggs.

The senators-at-large are Megan Farmer, Adan Conizales, Gunner Robinson, Caleb Collins, Antonina Clementi, Griffin Plumb, Brett Phelps, Ethan Huffaker, Barrett Gibbs and Makism Zaepfel.

The newly-elected first generation student senator is Tramaine Hawkins, the new Intercultural Student Engagement senator is Daniel Vuleta and the new transfer/non-traditional student senator is Lauren Willett.

The Ogden College senator is Julie Mishchuk, the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences senator is Annalise Finch, the Gordon Ford College of Business senator is Jenna Wells, the College of Health and Human Services senator is Elizabeth DeLozier, and the Potter College of Arts and Letters senator is Meghan Pierce.

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