WKU Kicks Off the Semester with Topper Fest

Celine Sterett, Videographer

Bailey Reed and Celine Sterett

The second annual Topper Fest took place on Friday, Aug. 19 on South Lawn where students,  families, professors and the Bowling Green community came together to kick off the school year. 

Topper Fest signified the end of M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan, a week of orientation events for incoming students. The evening provided another opportunity for those students to meet their peers and for the WKU community to officially ring in another academic year.

“My favorite part about WKU so far is the community built between myself and my floor – shout out Minton floor three – and how easy it is to make friends on campus,” Aiden Parks, a freshman, said. 

Tables were hosted by groups such as alumni, Potter College of Arts and Letters and the WKU Equestrian Team, who were accompanied by a horse from their stables. 

“I love looking around at all the booths and mingling with new people. I love free stuff,”  Kinslei Crouch, a freshman advertising major, said.

The Downtown Band provided live music with covers of hit songs, such as “Dancing Queen” by ABBA, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and “Happy” by Pharell. Students took to the dance floor to support the band and sing along.

“The people are my favorite part of Topper Fest so far,” Luke Marcum, a freshman meteorology major, said.