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Who’s who in Warren County’s magistrate elections

Debra Murray

Election Day is right around the corner, and ten candidates across six Warren County districts are running for magistrate.

Here’s everything you need to know about your magistrate candidates:

Warren County Magistrate District 1

Joshua Poling, Democrat

Joshua Poling is a chef and the owner of Hickory & Oak, a Bowling Green restaurant that opened in 2018.

Poling and his wife Chelsey opened their first restaurant together in 2011, Home Cafe, and after six years of serving Bowling Green, they began to work on Hickory & Oak together. 

COVID-19 changed the way he ran his business, and hopes to bring support to other small business owners. 

“I have a vested interest in ensuring our budget continues to allow Warren County, Kentucky to be a thriving, fun, and successful home to each and every resident,” Poling’s website states. 

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Scott Lasley, Republican 

Political science professor Scott Lasley mingles with attendees during the republican viewing party on Tuesday Nov. 8, 2016 at the Republican Party of Warren County Headquarters. Lesley is the chair of the Republican Party of Warren County.

Scott Lasley is the chair of the Department of Political Science and professor at WKU.

He has been with WKU for over 20 years.

Lasley is focusing on fiscal responsibility, economic development and job creation. 

He is also looking to focus on ensuring that Warren County’s roads are safe.

“Warren County must be proactive to address the opportunities and challenges of continued growth and expansion without compromising the hometown values and priorities that make our community strong,” Lasley said.

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Warren County Magistrate District 2

Tom Lawrence, Democrat

Tom Lawrence is the incumbent for District 2 and is running unopposed. 

Lawrence is a Bowling Green native and is a member of many Warren County organizations, such as the Southern Kentucky Fair Board, The Greenways Commission and the Warren County Welfare Board. 

He will remain magistrate for District 2.

Warren County Magistrate District 3

Rick DuBose, Democrat

Rick DuBose served as executive vice president of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce for 19 years. 

DuBose is looking to focus on maintaining infrastructure and supporting county-wide recycling.

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Rick Williams, Republican 

Rick Williams ran for city commissioner in 2020 and is a Warren County native.

He plans to focus on furthering “positive economic growth” in Warren County and maintaining lower taxation rates.

“I believe in creating a plan as a roadmap to success and following it as closely as possible,” Williams said. “Plan for change rather than having to react to it.”

Williams said he considers himself a “public servant” rather than a politician. 

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Warren County Magistrate District 4

Rex McWhorter, Republican

Rex McWhorter is currently the magistrate for Warren County’s 4th District and is running for re-election.

McWhorter has been working to reestablish the county-wide recycling program.

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Terry Hendrick, Democrat

Terry Hendrick served as a volunteer firefighter for 20 years and is the current Chairman of the Board for the Gott Volunteer Fire Department.

He also worked for Bowling Green Municipal Utilities for 27 years. 

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Warren County Magistrate District 5

Eric Aldridge, Republican

Eric Aldridge has lived in Bowling Green for 30 years and is the owner of Southern Kentucky Granite Inc. His business has been active for 12 years and has served Warren County along with surrounding counties. 

He is looking to focus on making first responders and the sheriff’s department top priorities for Warren County’s budget. 

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Mark Young, Democrat

Mark Young is currently the magistrate for the 5th District of Warren County.

Young is a Warren County native and retired from General Motors in Bowling Green in 2016.

He has served as magistrate since 2015.

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Warren County Magistrate District 6

Ron Cummings, Republican

Ron Cummings is the incumbent for District 6 and is running unopposed. 

According to Warren County’s government website, Cummings moved to Warren County in 1974 and is along-time local businessman. Cummings is a past president of the Realtors Association Of South Central Kentucky

He will remain magistrate for District 6.

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