‘This is very awesome’: Voters share experiences at polls in Warren County

Debra Murray, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In-person voting in the 2022 Midterm Elections took place at eight different voting locations in Warren County today. 

Living Hope Baptist Church, located on Western Street, was a bustling voting location Tuesday, featuring a cramped parking lot and a line of eager people waiting to cast their ballots.

Nick and Nell Blizzard held hands as they left the voting center, their “I voted” stickers proudly displayed on their chests. 

“It’s about 15 minutes in line. The line wasn’t as long though [when] we got here,” Nell said. “Then about 10 minutes to fill out the ballot.” 

Nell said the turnout for this midterm rivaled turnout for previous presidential elections. 

“This is very awesome,” she added. 

When asked why they came out to vote, Nick said this election was very important.

“I’m really wanting to flip the House and the Senate so that we have some divided government so they don’t screw us,” Nick said. 

Abbey Piersma said she waited about 15 minutes to vote. 

“I haven’t really voted a lot in the past but this [election] was one that I wanted to start being more proactive in my community, and just being conscious of who is elected in office,” Piersma said.

The Herald reached out to Warren County Clerk Lynette Yates for a comment regarding voter turnout and thoughts on voting locations, but she was unable to respond in time for publication. 

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