Warren County midterm election results: Minter loses seat, Paul defeats Booker


Arthur Trickett-Wile

A voting sticker lays forlorn in the grass as early voters in Warren County attend the final day of In-Person No-Excuse Absentee voting for the 2022 Midterm Elections on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022 at Living Hope Baptist Church in Bowling Green, Ky.

Herald staff

Editor’s note: Statewide Senate votes, along with the total votes on Kentucky’s two constitutional amendments, have not yet been fully counted. Those totals will be updated as they are finalized.

U.S. Senate – Kentucky

Rand Paul* (R) 59.84%, 22,951 votes in Warren County | Charles Booker (D) 40.16%, 15,403 votes in Warren County

Statewide: Called in favor of Paul with 61.8% of the votes, more than 95% of votes are in.

Rand Paul, the Libertarian-leaning Republican, won re-election for a third term in the United States Senate. Paul defeated his opponent, Democrat Charles Booker, a Louisville native and Kentucky Representative.

The election between Paul and Booker was called with 6% of the statewide votes counted. Paul said he is thankful for the continued support given to him by voters.

“It’s an exciting night,” Paul said at his election party. “I think it’s going to be an exciting night all across the country. I think it’s going to be a big red wave. America’s choosing new leadership.”

At the time of publication, Booker gave no comment to the Herald on his defeat.

“In this hour of our victory, as a red wave sweeps across the country and America chooses a different direction, we need to remember we don’t come together to celebrate the concentration of power,” Paul said. “We come together to celebrate the dissipation of power.”

U.S. House Kentucky District 2

Brett Guthrie* (R) 65.58%, 25,127 votes | Hank Linderman (D) 34.42%, 13,186 votes

Republican Brett Guthrie will keep his seat in District 2 after defeating Democrat Hank Linderman. The Associated Press projected Guthrie’s win at 8 p.m. with around 20% of votes counted.

Guthrie was elected in 2008 and will now serve his eighth term in office. Former President Donald Trump endorsed Guthrie in May, calling him “a Conservative Warrior who Strongly Supports our Military and Vets, Defends the Second Amendment, and Fiercely Advocates for Border Security.”

Kentucky Supreme Court 2nd District

Kelly Thompson (Nonpartisan) 54.51%, 16,946 votes | Shawn Marie Alcott (Nonpartisan) 45.59%, 14,200 votes

Kelly Thompson will be taking John Minton’s 2nd District seat on the Kentucky Supreme Court. The race was called just after 8 p.m. with Thompson receiving 54% of the vote over Shawn Marie Alcott.

Thompson has served as a judge on the Kentucky Court of Appeals since 2006. He has 16 years of experience as a judge.

The Herald reached out to both Thompson and Alcott for comment but did not receive responses at the time of publication.

Kentucky House of Representatives District 20

Patti Minter* (D) 45.46%, 5,636 votes | Kevin Jackson (R) 54.54%, 6,762 votes

Republican Kevin Jackson unseated Democratic incumbent Patti Minter in the District 20 State Representative race. Minter served as the District 20 Representative for two terms. She conceded to Jackson shortly after 8 p.m., when all polling locations submitted their results.

“I am unspeakably grateful to everyone in District 20 who placed their trust in me to represent you, to work for you, to fight hard every day for you,” Minter said at her watch party. “Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Jackson currently works as a financial consultant in Bowling Green. His platform focuses on workforce participation, education and increased public protection.

Kentucky Court of Appeals 2nd Division 1

Jeff Taylor* (Nonpartisan) 52.84%, 12,407 votes | David Clement (Nonpartisan) 47.16%, 11,073 votes

Warren County Clerk

Lynette Yates* (R) 69.37%, 26,452 votes | Johnnie Blissett III (D) 30.63%, 11,682 votes

Warren County Magistrate District 1

Scott Lasley (R) 54.96%, 4,184 votes | Joshua Poling (D) 45.04%, 2,877 votes

Scott Lasley has been elected as the District 1 Magistrate of Warren County in a victory over his opponent Joshua Poling. 

Lasley has been serving as the campus coordinator for the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission Internship Program, in addition to serving as ​​a professor and department head for the Political Science Department at Western Kentucky University. 

According to his website, Lasley’s priorities as First District Magistrate include fiscal responsibility, economic development, workforce development and support for law enforcement and first responders.

Lasley said he is excited and looking forward to serving Warren County. 

“I would say I am happy with the results,” Lasley said. “There is a lot of work to be done; Warren County is growing, so how we adjust to that growth and prepare for it is going to be big. I look forward to the challenge.”

Lasley said he is thankful for voters who turned out to support him and for his family and other members of the community who contributed to his campaign. 

Warren County Magistrate District 3

Rick Williams (R) 55.59%, 2,839 votes | Rick DuBose (D) 44.41%, 2,268 votes

Warren County Magistrate District 4

Rex McWhorter (R) 57.3%, 4,373 votes | Terry Hendrick (D) 42.7%, 3,259 votes

Warren County Magistrate District 5

Eric Aldridge (R) 56.61%, 3,084 votes, Mark Young (D) 43.39%, 2,364 votes

Bowling Green City Commissioners

All four incumbent city commissioners will retain their seats for another two years.

Sue Parrigin, who has served as city commissioner since 2017, received the largest share of the vote. Carlos Bailey earns his second term on the board and Dana Beasley-Brown earns her third. 

Commissioner Melinda Hill served from 2011 to 2016 before rejoining the board in 2021.

Sue Parrigin* 14.25%, 6,442 votes

Melinda Hill* 13%, 5,878 votes

Dana Beasley Brown* 12.92%, 5,844 votes

Carlos D’Angelo Bailey* 11.85%, 5,360 votes

Stephanie Matthews 9.64%, 4,357 votes

Sandy Jones Boussard 9.6%, 4,340 votes

Joe Denning 9.06%, 4,098 votes

Johnalma Barnett 7.47%, 3,378 votes

Justin Chaffin 6.8%, 3,074 votes

Don Langley 3.45%, 1,558 votes

Nathan Morguelan 1.97%, 889 votes

Amendment 1 – Legislative sessions

Warren County: YES 48.62% | NO 51.38%, 17,678 votes

Statewide: Called in favor of NO with 54% of the votes, more than 95% of votes are in.

Constitutional Amendment 1 would remove specific legislative session end dates from the constitution and provide instead that odd-year sessions are limited to 30 legislative days and even-year sessions are limited to 60 legislative days. Amendment 1 would allow the Legislature to extend the session beyond the current cutoff if three-fifths of each chamber vote in favor.

Amendment 2 – No constitutional abortion

Warren County: YES 44.71%, 16,644 votes | NO 55.29%, 20,581 votes

Statewide: Called in favor of NO with 52% of the votes, more than 95% of votes are in.

Constitutional Amendment 2 asks if voters want to add this sentence to the constitution: “To protect human life, nothing in this constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion.”