Faculty Senate discussed the University Athletic Committee guidelines, approved committee reports


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WKU’s Faculty Senate met via zoom on Oct. 20, 2022.

B Turner, Content Editor

Thursday’s Faculty Senate meeting saw the approval of multiple committees’ reports and a discussion about the University Athletic Committee Guidelines.

The meeting began with Toni Szymanski introducing the discussion of the University Athletics Committee Guidelines, and the appointment of the Faculty Athletics Representative.

FAR’s are appointed by the president – but he chooses a name from a list made and voted on by the Senate. The Faculty Senate did not choose or vote on the nominations during tonight’s meeting.

Multiple senators brought up concerns regarding how lacking in-depth previous reports were by the University Athletic Committee.

It was suggested that the Faculty Senate write requirements for future reports.

All other reports on the Faculty Senate docket were approved. The Budget & Finance report from Dec. 8, 2022 was approved. According to this report, the Budget & Finance Committee will be obtaining data on staff turnover rates at WKU. The report says, “Elkind proposes that WKU is probably paying more money to search and (re)fill vacated posts than would be used to compensate adequately.”

The Graduate Council Curriculum Committee approved 3- and 4- credit hour classes to be added or edited.

The Faculty Handbook Committee reported that changes had been made to the Faculty Handbook for clarifications.

Also approved were the Colonnade/General Education Committee report, Faculty Welfare and Professional Responsibilities Committee report and the Graduate Council Committee report.

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