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‘I could not be prouder’: Caboni thanks community about Kyle Rittenhouse protests, presentation


WKU President Timothy Caboni emailed students, faculty and staff this morning thanking the WKU community for handling the Kyle Rittenhouse presentation, protests and a planned discussion in a respectful, peaceful and safe manner.

“From a daylong sit-in, protests and meaningful conversations over ice cream to presenting challenging questions without disruption during the presentation, the WKU Community demonstrated to the many watching us – from around our state and nation – how free speech and expression should unfold on a college campus,” Caboni wrote. “I could not be prouder of the way our campus community conducted itself and upheld its responsibility to abide by Kentucky’s Campus Free Speech Protection Act – all without silencing anyone.”

Caboni thanked faculty and staff for “leading, guiding and mentoring,” students for “questioning, listening and reasoning” and the WKU community for demonstrating a response to controversy and defending free speech and freedom of expression on campus.

“You exhibited, once again, the strength and spirit of WKU,” Caboni wrote.

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