‘Just write to write’: WKU alumnus to release poetry book

Bailey Reed, News reporter

Allan Ivie, WKU political science alumnus and comedian, is set to digitally release his first book, Non Sequitariat, a collection of poems, on March 1. The book is about humor and philosophy and is dedicated to his late grandmother who loved to write poetry.

Ivie explained he wrote the book over the course of a month following a writer’s block. 

“The inspirations for the poems came out of nowhere,” Ivie said. “I’d suffered from writer’s block for a really long time, and once I came out of that, everything opened up like a floodgate.”

Ivie explained that some of his poems are inspired by his relationship with the church. 

“The inspiration for the religious stuff came from growing up in the church and not really understanding why certain things worked the way they did,” Ivie said.

Ivie has never authored anything before, but encourages others to write anything and everything they can. 

“Just write to write,” Ivie said. “Even if you don’t have a plan.”

Ivie’s book features artificial intelligence art to accompany his poems. He designed all the art himself. 

“If you are a writer, and you have some ideas in your head, but you don’t quite know how to express them, just write,” Ivie said. “Even if it looks like nonsense, just get the ideas out.”

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