‘We want to tell the story of PCAL’: WKU PCAL to release a new podcast

Molly Dobberstein, News reporter

The WKU Potter College of Arts and Letters is planning to release a new podcast for students, “PCAST,” to discuss college programming and other events.

The podcast will be on Spotify and Amazon Music, with hopes to be on Apple Music as well, Jessica Luna, PCAL communications and events specialist, said. 

“We want to show the excellence that is going on within PCAL, and overall all the exciting things going on in PCAL,” Luna said. “With our diversity of majors, we always have something fun going on.”

Luna explained the podcast format was discussed to be easier for students and community members to utilize, in comparison to a video.

“Podcasts are a really easy way to get information, you don’t have to take time out of your day […],” Luna said.

As of right now, technical workers for PCAST, along with hosts and guests, are on a volunteer basis, and if anyone is interested, they can contact Luna or Catherine Wilson, assistant professor of music education, over email.

“We definitely want to highlight every single one of our departments,” Luna said. “We have a lot of programming we have discussed regarding the arts and current issues going on; how the arts and humanities and social sciences can help.”

With the diversity of departments and majors within PCAL, they all want to be highlighted individually through PCAST, Luna said. 

“Ultimately, we want to tell the story of PCAL, and the stories of how the arts, humanities, social sciences and digital arts can impact the world,” Luna said. “All of our different majors can certainly make an impact on current issues and issues that we may have in the future.”

News reporter Molly Dobberstein can be reached at [email protected].