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Club lacrosse holds first meeting

Molly Dobberstein

WKU student Jared Sell starts lacrosse sport club to offer students the ability to play the sport on campus. 

The club hosted its first meeting Wednesday, Nov. 1 in the Preston Center. 

Sell, freshman electrical engineering major, is starting the club. Sell began playing lacrosse during his sophomore year of high school and wanted to create a way to continue to play in college.

“Two years wasn’t enough for me,” Sell said. “The bonds that I made through playing lacrosse was different than any other sport. Some of my closest friendships were made through lacrosse.”

The club plans to hold practices at local intramural fields. They are currently in the process of selecting a coach and organizing future games with other university club lacrosse teams. To fundraise, they hope to work concessions at WKU basketball games throughout the season.  

Several students are planning on joining the club, like Cordell Cagle, freshman health science major, who played on and started multiple lacrosse teams while in high school.

Cagle said he is looking forward to the brotherhood within the team and getting the chance to play lacrosse in college.

Sell recognizes establishing the club will take a lot of effort, but hopes it will grow throughout his time on campus and even after.

“I want this program to last more than 4 years,” Sell said. “The amount of work we put in this is the amount of work we’re going to get back.”

Students interested in joining the Lacrosse sport club or seeking additional information can contact Sell at 270-799-8419.

News reporter Ali Costellow can be reached at [email protected].

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