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SGA announces censure hearing against Administrative Vice President Salvador Leon

Eli Randolph
Administrative Vice President, Salvador Leon Golib, gives a brief report on SGA’s finances at the first SGA meeting of the semester on Tuesday, Jan. 23.

The WKU Student Government Association met Tuesday night for their weekly meeting, where they announced a censure hearing against Administrative Vice President Salvador Leon.

Student Body President Sam Kurtz announced to the senate that the Executive Cabinet filed a formal report to the Judicial Council for a censure hearing. Chief Justice Isaac King explained the Executive Cabinet requested the hearing due to actions by Leon that violate the SGA Constitution. 

“AVP Leon spent funds from the project’s budget without consent from President Kurtz or EVP Finch,” King said. “Leon asked for permission from President Kurtz to use funds from this budget in which President Kurtz granted permission on the condition that AVP Leon wait until after Bill 22-23S was passed. The funds have already been spent.”


King also said that AVP Leon “made PR Director Preston Romanov promote his neurodiversity week before the senate bill passed.”

The third complaint filed is a combination of the two previous complaints. With Leon prematurely spending SGA funds as well as promoting the neurodiversity week on SGA social media, it has forced the senate to approve Bill 22-23S due to it already being in motion. 

King said the issue with Leon was originally attempted to be handled internally but the Executive Cabinet sought out the Judicial Council when they realized the issue affects the entirety of SGA, as well as university funds. 

“The Executive Cabinet, excluding AVP Leon, request a censure for AVP Leon,” King said. “We do not condone the risky use of university funds as well as forcing the Senate to approve a bill.”

The censure hearing will take place Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 5:30 P.M. in DSU room 3003. 

Kurtz said he will continue to be transparent with the Senate regarding matters of the Executive Cabinet. 

“When I was first sworn into SGA, I wanted to be as transparent as I could with the Senate,” Kurtz said. “That’s all I’m going to say on that matter.”

Leon addressed the matter during his report. 

“Hopefully we’re going to be able to figure it out, it wasn’t anything personal,” Leon said. “I really appreciate the boldness that the executive cabinet has taken on keeping me accountable.”

Leon said he will explain more at trial when he is with “some people from higher up,” who oversee all payments made. 

“Always be sure to hear both sides of the story,” Leon said. “If you have any questions, come to us, and we will make sure whatever is the final result of this trial is going to be the best for students.”

Bill 22-23S, supported by Leon, was passed at the meeting, which included planned activities for a neurodiversity acceptance week set to begin on Friday.

SGA added to their selection of scholarships tonight by passing legislation to add a $1,000 scholarship in honor of WKU student Abby Nash who passed away in December 2023.

The Abby Nash Creativity Scholarship awards students in design, marketing, English, media and communication, music, theater and dance with the intention that the awarded students have a major that is a creative outlet.

The scholarship is divided between two recipients who will be awarded $500 each. The application will soon be available on the SGA website under the “scholarship” tab, where all SGA scholarships are located. 

The Senate also discussed the WKU bass fishing team student, Jonathan Brian, who passed away in January. 

Brian’s family started a Venmo for support with funeral funds. Individuals wishing to donate can do so by sending their monetary amount to @JBStrong on Venmo. 

News Reporter Maggie Phelps can be reached at [email protected] 

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