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‘Anybody can be inspired to do art’: Kentucky Museum to host dragonfly beading workshop

Arthur H. Trickett-Wile
WKU’s Kentucky Museum is seen Monday, Feb. 6, 2023 on the WKU campus in Bowling Green, Ky.

The Kentucky Museum, in partnership with The Mystic Arts Association, is hosting a dragonfly beading workshop to teach beginners on Saturday, Feb. 24 at 2 p.m. 

Ashley Swindle is director of The Mystic Arts Association. She said the goal of the organization is to connect artists and the community. 

“Our goal when we started out was to be able to bridge the gap between artists and the community,” Swindle said. 

Swindle credits the Kentucky Museum with helping the Mystic Arts Association develop. 

“[We hope to] just to help bring the community together as much as we can and get out there to artists and even just students and just build confidence within people,” Swindle said. “The museum has been basically the stone, you know, that’s kind of set everything into place for us and helped us get going. So without them, we would not be as far as we are now.”

Tiffany Isselhardt, exhibits curator of the Kentucky Museum, said supporting artists is why she is thrilled to announce this partnership. 

“Supporting emerging artists is an important part of the Kentucky Museum’s mission, and we are thrilled to expand our partnership with The Mystic Arts Association to include workshops and a more robust Spring Faire,” Isselhardt said in an email. “TMAA is showcasing the incredible diversity of our community’s talent while providing learning opportunities for the public, and we look forward to being an incubator for our region’s artistic and cultural talent.”

The workshop is perfect for beginners, Swindle said. 

“We’re trying to show people that art is not something that you just have to like to be innately good at or that you really even have to go to an extended amount of schooling for that kind of thing,” Swindle said. “Anybody can be inspired to do art just because they feel like it.”

Swindle said the organization is looking for new artists to work with and volunteers to help with workshops and other events. 

The workshop is going to be taught by Kari Napier Ray, with On Dragonfly Wings, an organization oriented around healing and suicide prevention. 

Tickets are $15 for members of TMAA and students or $25 for the general public. The materials are provided. Reserve yours at this link.

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