Comeback Kids

Metcalfe County High school head basketball coach Brandon Brockman consoles Hornet senior Sawyer Edmonds after a season ending lose to Greenwood High School.

Gunnar Word

In the small community of Metcalfe County, basketball has been more than a game for generations. The first time Metcalfe County won a fourth Region basketball championship was in 1985, leading them to their only fourth Region championship under the coaching of Tim McMurtry. Fast forward to 2001, the last time Metcalfe County won the 16th District championship, under the coaching of McMurtry. He left a great legacy and mark on the history of basketball not only to Metcalfe County but the 4th Region.

Now, Metcalfe County basketball head coach Brandon Brockman has brought a 16th District title back to Metcalfe County for the first time in 20 years in his fourth season with the Hornets, as well as bringing home an All “A” Regional title in 2019.

To top off a championship season, Brock- man received the 4th Region Coach of the Year award as his journey of putting Metcalfe County basketball back on the map will continue next season.