A Draft of Fresh Beer

Quentin Miller was one of several eager customers that were counting down the days until Gasper Brewing Company’s grand opening. “I am so happy for Isiah and his wife on opening their business and their beer is awesome,” Miller said.

Gunnar Word

Gasper Brewing Company, 302 State St., opened its doors for the first time this weekend as a new place for adults and students to relax and enjoy locally-made beer.

Gasper had its grand opening last Saturday, Feb. 26, with a great turnout of hundreds of brew enthusiasts who were able to enjoy live musical entertainment from groups such as a local jazz group called “The Menagerie” and more. 

Gasper owners Isaiah and DeAnna King celebrated their grand opening. Isaiah King decided to turn his hobby into a full-time profession last year, leaving behind his former job of being a mechanical engineer and becoming a full-time brewery owner with his wife. 

“I am so happy for Isaiah and his wife on opening their brewery, and their beer is really good too,” Quentin Miller, a friend of the owner, said. 

Customers were glad to see the brewery open to give Bowling Green more than just the college bar scene.