Studio Series 2021 to stream four student-directed plays online


Henri Aboah

Four one-act plays, performed and directed by WKU Theatre and Dance students, will be streamed this weekend online.

One of the plays, Lighting Martha by Carolyn Gage, is directed by senior Baylee Hayes. The play will highlight how one woman deals with the death of her secret lover.

 “I wanted to direct this show specifically because it provides an up-close look at how people are impacted by grief,” Hayes said. “This past year alone has unfortunately provided different perspectives of grief for so many, so I wanted to capture those moments on stage.”

Audrey Plescia, BFA Theatre and Sociology Major,is directing Most Massive Woman Wins by Madeleine George. 

Plescia said she was inspired to direct the play after reading Madeleine George’s work.

 “The show features four women, all from different walks of life and unknown to one another. They enter into a liposuction clinic, where they begin to share with the audience their reasons for entering into the clinic, childhood memories, and adapted children’s rhymes,” Plescia said. “ I knew that this was a show that spoke truth to women from all differing backgrounds, and I thought it pertinent to share with the WKU student body.”

JuniorRachael Prewitt, director of Drugs Are Bad by Jonathan Rand, said she chose to direct this play because she wanted a show everyone could relate to and find humor and entertainment in.  

The play is about a student named Brad who has been studying behind his parents’ backs, instead of following his parents’ strict insistence on sex, drugs, and rock & roll. 

Senior and Theatre major Hope Mohon is directing Trifles by Susan Glaspell. “The play examines gender norms, society’s view of women, and female power all with a murder mystery twist,” Mohon said.

“Our actors had to wear masks at every rehearsal and also while filming the show. This affects projection, diction, and the expressions/gestures the actors use, Mohon said.” However, it is most important to keep everyone safe, and we found ways to use the masks to our advantage! I was blessed with a wonderful cast, crew, and team of advisors to help the process go as smoothly as possible. I am very happy with the outcome.”

Tickets cost $10 and “they will be able to see Lighting Martha, The Most Massive Women Wins, Drugs Are Bad, and Trifles all with one ticket purchase,” Hayes said.

“Viewers of the Studio Series can expect to laugh, empathize, and see new perspectives when watching these four incredible shows,” Prewitt said. “We all worked incredibly hard on this production and I hope everyone enjoys the show and gets to escape their reality for a little while.”

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