What are some safe ways to get out of the house in Bowling Green?

The pond by Basil Griffith Park in Bowling Green is home to various species of fowls. There are feeding stations along the water for visitors to use instead of bringing bread.

With spring weather just around the corner it is time to start thinking about safe activities that students can do as our nation continues to battle with COVID-19.

Luckily, Bowling Green has a multitude of places that students can go to for a good time, but also adhere to social distancing guidelines while there.

Here are a few COVID-19 safe options for student activities in Bowling Green.

Southern Lanes Bowling Alley

Who doesn’t love a good bowling outing with friends?

Southern Lanes on Scottsville Road is a great option for students to get out of their dorms, apartments, or houses, for a fun night in Bowling Green.

Better yet, WKU students can bowl for only $3.50 a game.

According to their website, Southern Lanes is also taking COVID-19 precautions by requiring masks inside their building, and instilling new guidelines to keep their facility clean and safe.

Southern Lanes also has laser tag, mini golf, and billiards, for even more variety in a fun night on the town.

Parks and Recreation

There is no better way to spend a spring time evening than going on a walk in the phenomenal weather.

There is also no better way to do that than to go to one of Bowling Green’s many well-kept and beautiful parks, avoiding the indoors where COVID-19 spreading is most effective.

Take a break from the stress of college and head to Hobson Grove, Kereiakes, or Lovers Lane for an evening of outdoor activities.

Many of these parks also have basketball, soccer, disc golf, and tennis along with so much more to keep you entertained during your visit.

You can find information on all of Bowling Green’s outdoor activities on the Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Website to choose which park is best for you.

National Corvette Museum

All Bowling Green stereotypes aside, the National Corvette Museum is still a great option for something to do this spring.

While it is full of many exhibits for attendees to explore, the museum is also taking a large amount of precautions due to COVID-19, making it a fun as well as safe time.

The National Corvette Museum also has a multitude of different on-site events planned for the spring, according to their website.

So plan your visit, you will be amazed by the amount of astonishing cars featured at this museum.


This option is mainly for the 21+ readers, but some of these locations still serve great food options for the underage audience

Topper Grill and Pub is located in the Garret Conference Center, making it an easily accessible option for dining and responsible drinking.

You can use meal swipes at Topper Grill and Pub, making it very affordable.

643 Sports Bar and Grill is a great option if you want classic bar style food and the potential for live music.

643 is also open much later than Topper Grill and Pub, making it a better choice for a night out.

Hilligan’s Sports Bar is another location where you can stay very late.

Located right on college street, Hilligan’s comes with trivia nights, occasional DJ’s, and an outdoor deck. It also has two pool tables for those looking to play some billiards.

Remember to drink responsibly and have a designated driver for whenever you are ready to go home.

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