WKU Track and Field reveals 2021 schedule

Freshman Rory O’Connor running in the Mountains to Sea Open to begin the 2020 regular season.

Drew Toennies

WKU’s director of Cross Country and Track and Field, Brent Chumbley, announced Tuesday the schedule for both the men and women’s track programs.

The programs are preparing to compete in four different competitions on four different weekends for the regular season before the Conference USA Indoor Track and Field Championship.

The schedule is, however, subject to adjustments.

WKU will open its season against the former C-USA champions, UAB. The Blazers host their home invitationals on one weekend. WKU will be attending the Blazer Invitational on Jan. 15 before entering the competition at the Vulcan Invitational on Jan 16.

Both the Toppers and Lady Toppers are also expected to compete in an event on Jan. 22-23, following the C-USA championship preparations in Birmingham. However, the location and the host has not been determined yet.

It has also been announced that WKU will be traveling to Huntington, West Virginia to compete against the Marshall Thundering Herd in two different events.

The Thundering Herd Invitational will be held on Jan. 29-30. The last Thundering Herd Invitational, the Toppers placed fifth out of 10 and the Lady Toppers placed sixth out of 10. The Marshall Invitational will also be held on Feb. 12-13.

The last Marshall Invitational, the Lady Toppers placed fifth out of eight, while the Toppers landed second place.

Since 2012, the UAB Blazers have hosted the C-USA Indoor Track and Field Championship at the Crossplex in Birmingham, Alabama. 

In 2020, then junior, Dartez Hamlin walked away with the individual title in the 200-meter sprint for the men’s competition.

The Indoor Track and Field Championship was the last competition that WKU attended, due to the global pandemic causing the cancellation of spring sports.

WKU will announce the schedule for 2021 outdoor play once the indoor season starts.

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