WKU alumni offer advice to undergraduates

WKU alumni offer advice to undergraduates

Adulting takes on a new form once students graduate. Whether undergraduate students are going straight into the workforce, attending graduate school or forging their own path, it’s important to learn from those who were just in their shoes. Recent WKU graduates gave their answers to the following question: “What advice would you give undergraduate students, specifically seniors?” The following answers have been edited for brevity and clarity.

Mackenzie Moore – May 2020

My advice to undergraduate seniors is don’t be afraid to accept a job that doesn’t fit the plan you envisioned for yourself. Sometimes the career you find yourself in is in the least likely place you thought you’d find it. Along with that, apply for jobs that you might be underqualified for — you may be just the person they need.

Stephen Mayer – May 2020

Soon to be graduates, take time to reflect on your undergraduate experience and how it has shaped you as a person. As you will soon graduate, it is okay if your next move is uncertain. Everything will fall into place with time. Instead of letting the anxiety of post-grad get to you, enjoy the moments you have right now and continue to build relationships. I wish you all the best in your future, and go Tops.

Hannah Reardon – May 2020

The first piece of advice I would give to undergrad seniors is to have fun and make your last year the best year. If you happen to be applying to grad school like I was, take care of yourself and take things day by day so you don’t stress yourself out. Enjoy every minute of your last year on the Hill. You will make memories that you will remember for a lifetime.

Megan DeVore – May 2020

If there is anything that the past year has taught us all, it is to not take a single moment for granted because it can change in the blink of an eye. Make the most of every single day that you have left on the Hill. Take advantage of any and every opportunity you have to make connections with the faculty, staff and students who make up the Hilltopper family.

As you prepare to leave the Hill, adopt WKU’s motto of “The Spirit Makes the Master” as your personal motto and take it with you into the real world. To me, “The Spirit Makes the Master” means that your attitude about a situation directly influences your success in that situation. In the last six months, I have learned that even “real” adults don’t always fully know what they are doing. However, if you give your all to every opportunity and challenge you are faced with, you will succeed. It won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it.

And finally, as my dear friend and role model Lucinda Anderson says, “The light at the top of Cherry Hall’s cupola stays lit so you can find your way back to the Hill.” The Hilltopper family will always be there for you.

Danny Zeidan – December 2019

Amidst COVID, all I can hope for WKU seniors right now is a calm mind and for a path to open up to them during uncertain times.

I’ll give the same advice that was given to me: First, if you don’t have an internship experience yet, or something similar, then work to get one. For those that have a job lined up or are looking for one, despite the fact that these are uncertain times, have confidence in your abilities and the skills you have gained through your degree. You are about to be a college graduate, and that is a great achievement. Be creative when finding ways to separate yourself from other candidates.