Finding your place in politics

Finding your place in politics

In the age of omnipresent media, political messages are inescapable for the average American citizen. Cries for reform within criminal justice, environmental practices, education, immigration and numerous other fractured systems bleed all over our social media feeds, newspapers, conversations and streets. The list of issues to fix within our communities, our country and our world is daunting and overwhelming, leaving one question to circle our minds: “How can I help?” The following are four steps to help you become a more educated and engaged citizen.

Have constructive and civil conversations

  • Enter every conversation with the intent to listen and inform
  • Maintain a calm and respectful tone
  • Ask questions
  • Seek to understand the other person’s perspective

Consider volunteering or donating

  • Research local nonprofit organizations, programs, chapters and people who are working toward solutions for issues
  • Volunteer with or donate to local initiatives, research funds, nonprofits or programs

Mindfully advocate

  • Use social media as a tool to raise awareness of the issue
  • Spread factual information. recommends the following steps before you post or repost:
    • Consider the source
    • Read beyond the headline
    • Check the author
    • What’s the support?
    • Check the date
    • Is it a joke?
    • Check your biases

Educate yourself

  • Begin by selecting an issue — for example, criminal justice reform
  • Consume nonpartisan media
    • Newspapers/Magazines
    • Podcasts
    • Literature
    • Documentaries