A booth and a brand


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Ashley Rogers always wanted to run a business.

Though her full-time job is working as a dental hygienist, something always called her to the prospect of entrepreneurship on the side.

“For me, entrepreneurship was always an interest because it gives you a major sense of accomplishment in terms of getting something done on your own,” Rogers said.

She said the opportunity to have control over how she ran things and the ability to make decisions for something gave her a sense of pride.

In 2017, Rogers came across the mobile photo booth business TapSnap. She started running TapSnap as a side gig to her dental hygienist job, and her first event was in July of 2017.

She said some of the things that drew her to TapSnap was having a smaller support team and corporate office that allowed her to feel connected to the business itself. 

“It has a close-knit family feel,” said Rogers. “You sort of know everybody by name, and it’s really helpful to be able to feel comfortable with them when you might need help.”

Rogers said she didn’t have much experience with photography or technology, but due to the simplicity of the equipment, she was able to pick it up quickly.

“Any event that has at least one electrical outlet can use TapSnap,” Rogers said. “You really just have to plug it in, and it’s good to go.”

TapSnap is different from other photo booth companies in that it was created to serve as an alternative to “traditional box-style photo booths,’’ according to a TapSnap press release.

“Specializing in plug-and-play, open-air, digitally-integrated photo booth solutions to suit each business, TapSnap’s fully-customizable, permanent-installation kiosks help to retain customers, increase brand awareness, and grow business through fun, engaging, one-of-a-kind event photo experiences,” TapSnap said in the press release.

Rogers was drawn to the unique kiosk-like photo experience and felt like Southcentral Kentucky would be a great place for the business.

“I feel like there really wasn’t something like TapSnap in Bowling Green and the surrounding areas,” Rogers said. “I knew I could do something really cool with TapSnap that hadn’t been seen around here before.” 

Rogers said she thinks any entrepreneur can bring growth to a community, and that’s part of why they are so important. 

“Anyone that comes in and starts a business and offers a new experience is offering a new outlet for the community as well,” she said. 

Rogers has had a lot of success with charity events and said one event yields an average of $1,000. She has been present for events ranging from local Bowling Green charity balls to corporate events at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville.

Radio personality Tony Rose has used TapSnap for multiple events, but his first experience with the company was at his “Stuff the Bus” charity event in 2017.

Rose said that TapSnap added a unique experience for attendees with the “take home” photos that TapSnap provides.

“The TapSnap model is pretty much self explanatory for a client to understand,” Rose said. “We provide simple info, and she and TapSnap take care of the rest.” 

TapSnap was hired at the Special Needs Expo event in Bowling Green where Rogers said she was touched by the way the kids and their families loved the booth.

“I had families tell me that this is the best family photo they have been able to get,” Rogers said. “For them to be so happy with such a simple photo was really special to me.”

Rogers said with the right person operating the franchise, TapSnap has a lot of potential.

“I look back, and I’m like ‘How in the world did I do that?’” Rogers said. “It was all in my mindset. Your mind controls everything. Your attitude controls everything.”

And although Rogers has loved running her TapSnap business on the side, she wants to keep her full-time dental hygienist job a priority and has decided to sell TapSnap. 

Rogers said she never took full advantage of TapSnap in terms of the types of events and markets she could cater to such as weddings and sporting events.

Someone who loves interacting with people, interacting with the community and building relationships with businesses and events in their community would be ideal for running TapSnap, Rogers said.

“I just feel like TapSnap could be huge with someone else,” she said. “That’s all I want for it.” 

Those interested in purchasing TapSnap can reach Ashley Rogers at 270-772-4163.