SGA discusses Barnes Campbell and quarantined students in senate meeting

Ashlynn Evans, Director of Public Relations for SGA, speaks at the stand in the WKU Student Senate Chambers on Feb 18, 2020.

Jacob Latimer

The Student Government Association discussed elections and Barnes Campbell in their second meeting of the year Tuesday.

While last week’s meeting was held both in-person and online, this week’s meeting was fully virtual.

The meeting began with student body President Garrett Edmonds announcing his nominations for numerous SGA positions. Each nominee was given a chance to speak on their platform, and a vote through Google Forms followed.

The following SGA members were elected into their respective positions:

Will Harris, Judicial Council

Matt Barr, Chief of Staff

Ashlynn Evans, Director of Public Relations

Kody Okert, Director of Academic and Student Affairs

Paul Brosky, Director of IT

Fatin Yaro, Committee for Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Dawson McCoun, Legislative Research Committee Head

Kat Howard, SAVES Committee Chair

Destinee Daugherty, Committee Chair for Public Relations

Eric Barry, Committee Chair for Campus Improvements

Matthew Wininger, Sustainability Committee

Jamison Morehead, Secretary of Senate

After nominations and voting, the meeting moved on to introducing speakers from the Residence Hall Association.

Emily Whitney and Me’Lon Craighead, both members of RHA, detailed how SGA and RHA are going to be working together this year to assist students quarantined in Barnes Campbell.

SGA’s Project Fund set aside $1,000 to go towards RHA to provide resources to students in Barnes Campbell. RHA plans on providing students with goody bags containing food, handwritten notes from staff, and Zoom codes to help students stay connected.

“We wanted to do this to let students know that we are here, and we acknowledge that they are there,” Craighead said. “Our goal is just to make [quarantined] students feel connected with campus.”

RHA also plans on using the $1,000 from SGA to provide more food, hygiene products and PPE to quarantined students.

Most nominations were voted on this week, but Edmonds stated that he plans on announcing his nomination for the administrative vice president position at next week’s meeting.

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