WKU notifies students about fall semester schedule changes

Jennifer Hammonds

Leo Bertucci

WKU started informing students on Wednesday how their schedules and classes will change for the fall semester because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Jennifer Hammonds, the university registrar, said in an email that students should log on to TopNet in order to find out if their classes have undergone any changes for the upcoming semester. Class change notes on TopNet will be located inside of a blue bar.

Hammonds said in the email that WKU will finalize tuition and fee amounts for all students in TopNet by July 20. Beginning on Aug. 3, students will have 15 days to make payments in TopNet. If a class that was scheduled to be in a face-to-face or hybrid format transitions to fully online, WKU will continue to charge the affected students with the on-campus rate.

WKU has waived for the 2020-21 school year the $150 per credit hour extra charge it places on online classes.

Students may have hybrid courses, which are courses that alternate between an online and in-person format, Hammonds said in the email.

“Students in hybrid courses might meet in a classroom once or twice a week and then (use) Zoom for another class session or perhaps engage in other various online activities,” Hammonds said in the email.

The class changes that students see when they log in to TopNet may not be finalized yet.

“We encourage you to continue to monitor your schedule throughout the summer for changes,” Hammonds said in the email. “You are also encouraged to work with your academic advisor if you have any questions regarding your schedule.”