Everyday’s a holiday: Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Liza Rash

Cinco De Mayo is upon us, and while quarantine is not the ideal situation in which to celebrate this historically and culturally significant day, there are ways to make do.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the events of May 5th, 1872, when the Mexican army was victorious against the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla. While the holiday holds great significance for Mexicans, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated around the world as a celebration of Mexican culture. 

Here are five ways to respectfully celebrate this unique and vibrant holiday within the confines of quarantine:

1. Cook a traditional Mexican dish. 

Tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, tostadas and elote are among some of the most well-known traditional Mexican dishes that you can easily find yummy recipes for with a simple Google search. What better way to celebrate Mexican culture than learning a great new recipe? Check out websites like this for your new favorite recipe.  

2. Have a virtual fiesta via Zoom.

 Cinco De Mayo is usually celebrated in massive groups, but unfortunately, that’s not an option this year. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t give your friends a quick zoom call and toast your margaritas to the extraordinary country of Mexico! 

3. Learn a traditional Mexican dance. 

Many regular Cinco De Mayo celebrations also include elaborate parades with Mexican dancers. To emulate that, you may want to learn a traditional Mexican dance yourself, especially just in the comfort of your own home! This is a fun activity that gets you up and moving and doesn’t cost any money. Again, a simple google search will have you on your feet and grooving in no time. This website details five traditional Mexican dances that you can learn. 

4. Order takeout from a local Mexican restaurant. 

Bowling Green has some awesome options for Mexican cuisine. You can support small businesses during a difficult time and celebrate Cinco De Mayo by ordering takeout from Que Buenos, Cabrera’s, Puerto Vallarta, El Maguey, La Placita Antojitos or El Mazatlan. These places are open for carry-out and ready for your service, especially on Cinco De Mayo.

5. Have a craft day. 

There’s nothing wrong with expressing your artistic side this Cinco De Mayo. There are tons of Pinterest boards dedicated to Cinco De Mayo crafts, including tiny sombreros, construction paper cacti, wooden and paper mache maracas and DIY mini piñatas. So, get creative! Even just sitting down to paint a colorful skyline of Mexico’s city would be a wonderful tribute to Mexico and a fun way to celebrate this holiday. You can get some inspiration online from Google or from boards like this one on Pinterest.

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