5 workout apps you can use at home

Maggie Thornton

With gyms closing and calls for social distancing, staying active can be a challenge. Luckily, workout apps provide a simple solution. Here are five workout apps you can use from home.

1. FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans (Free)

With the FitOn app, you begin by logging in your height, weight, goals and how many times you want to exercise per week, along with how much time you have to spare per workout. The app then recommends a workout program based on the information you logged. 

You can use the recommended program and browse through the hundreds of other videos offered. The app offers both short and longer downloadable videos you can do right from home. There are videos on the app that require extra equipment but many that only require body weight. 

2. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer (Free)

This app offers over 100 different ab, arm, butt, cardio, leg and full body workout videos. Each video is led by a trainer who demonstrates the move for you and times the move. 

Daily Workouts gives you the option between five, eight and 10 minute videos each targeted to a specific body part. The app also offers 10 to 30 minute full body workouts. Trainers lead you through workouts that you can do with or without added equipment that are easy to do right from the comfort of your home. 

3. Daily Burn (30 day free trial, $19.99/month after)

Daily burn offers a variety of workout apps: At Home Workouts, HIIT Workouts, Yoga Workouts, and Running. Each app offers a wide variety of videos to choose from ranging from quick 10 minute videos to longer 60 minute videos. 

The app requires that you enter details about yourself and it then customizes the program it will recommend to fit each individual’s goals and fitness level. Daily Burn offers both group workouts or 1-on-1 training and allows you to track your progress. 

4. Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness (seven day free trial, $19.99/month after)

Sweat is a workout program tailored to women, but can also be used by men, that offers high-intensity 28-minute workouts that you can do with added equipment or without.

The app contains 92 weeks of different workouts ranging from beginner to expert level. 

The workouts consist of bodyweight moves, plyometrics and strength building exercises split up between two circuits. Both circuits last 14 minutes total and are divided into seven minute periods, each with their own distinct set of moves. The program begins with easier workout plans and moves to more challenging exercises as you progress. 

5. Youtube (Free)

It may seem obvious, but there is a large number of fitness influencers whose entire youtube channel is dedicated to making workouts easier and more accessible for viewers. While many of them show you how to workout in the gym, you can narrow your search to “at-home” workouts and it will give you endless options of videos to pick from. 

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