Weekend Warriors: The Herald Life staff share their favorite weekend activities

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Features staff Illustrations Madalyn Stack

Oh, the weekend. Though it never seems to come soon enough, the weekend is a time for rest, a time for play. A time to momentarily breathe before weekday obligations take fun and all your time away.

Spend yours wisely. This is how we spend ours:

My weekends usually consist of sleeping in late, making big breakfasts and avoiding homework for as long as possible. I use weekends to catch up on things I didn’t do during the week, like grocery shopping or cleaning my room, and always try to do something fun with my friends at night. I spend Sundays at Spencer’s, where I’m usually cramming to finish all the homework due Monday that I never got around to doing.


Eleanor Tolbert

If it’s a busy week and there’s a lot of homework, I usually spend my Saturdays at Spencer’s Coffee studying and people watching. With Christmas being less than two months away, my friends and I have made a tradition of going to Bowling Green’s Christmas parade in early December. It’s a blast!

Katelyn Latture

I like to write on the weekends. No matter if it’s journalistic or just what I’m feeling at the moment. Writing has always been a way for me to release stress and calm myself down. I’ve been doing it since I was in elementary school.

Gabby Bunton

On the weekend, I like to sleep! I’m not ashamed to say that I sleep late during the weekends when I can. Sometimes I try to catch up on homework, but I mostly try to relax. Usually I chill out and listen to music, and I almost always watch “Saturday Night Live.”

Kelley Holland

The only thing I really do on the weekend is catch up on reading and Netflix shows! Make sure to read my article “9 Netflix offerings you just might need in your life” to see which shows I couldn’t live without 👀

Taylor Metcalf

On the weekends, I have people over to my apartment usually! I also go out to bars occasionally, but that’s a Thursday deal. When my friends are over, we typically just hang out and play video games!

Andrew Martel

Every weekend I clean my room. I feel like if my room is decently organized, so is my life!

Julie Sisler

For me, weekends are a time to enjoy what’s simplest. I spend mine drinking coffee, avoiding homework and playing acoustic guitars at my favorite local music shop, the Kentucky Music Company! Catch me on Sundays flipping pancakes at home or grubbing a “5th Street Classic” at one of BG’s finest weekend breakfast spots, Lisa’s 5th Street Diner.

Griffin Fletcher