Dino tea infusers and floating platypuses: 8 must-have tea accessories under $20

A dinosaur tea infuser

Taylor Metcalf

While coffee has its perks, there’s something about tea that keeps me coming back. There’s just nothing like sitting down at the end of the day with a nice cup of tea.

As the weather is cooling down, tea is making a comeback. But if you’re getting bored of the same old tea routine, here are a few items under $20 you can filter into your tea time to spice it up.

  1. This mug made to look like a camera lens. It comes with a small spoon and metal straw to make your tea drinking a breeze. ($12)

  2. This 15-piece loose tea sampler by Tea Forte. Each sample is a single serving of loose tea. To make this you will need a tea infuser. If you don’t have one, keep reading! ($15)

  3. A two-pack of dinosaur tea infusers. Each adorable dinosaur opens up to hold loose tea. The infuser sits on four legs and has a long neck that sticks out of your mug for the world to see. ($10)

  4. A ten-piece set of snail-shaped tea bag holders. These tiny silicone snails hold the string of your teabag, preventing the frustration of fishing it out of your mug. The best part is that they’re colorful and reusable. ($3)

  5. A mug/infuser duo that’s perfect for cat lovers. The mug itself is shaped like a cat, complete with a tail for a mug handle and a cat face for a lid. The infuser is shaped like a fish and rests in the middle of the mug. ($16)

  6. This infuser two-pack shaped like a platypus. They languidly float through your tea as you drink. ($9)

  7. This tea strainer shaped like a leaf. This strainer is perfect for those who like to brew their loose tea in a pot before pouring it into their cup. Just lay the reusable leaf strainer over your mug or cup before pouring your tea to catch all of the tea leaf residue. ($10)

  8. These ceramic mugs with a tiny surprise at the bottom. Though small, these mugs come in a variety. The “surprises” at the bottom are small ceramic figures that become more visible as you drink. The figures at the bottom range from Christmas characters to small animals. A personal favorite is the small white duck. ($13)

Whether you drink tea every day or only every once in a while, these little trinkets are sure to brighten your day and not break your bank.

Features reporter Taylor Metcalf can be reached at [email protected]