Section of brick falls off Minton Hall, more sections to be removed

Two workers gather the bricks that had fallen off Minton Hall and the survey the wall. 

A section of brick on Minton Hall was not properly attached to the building and Housing and Residence Life officials have said three more sections will also be coming down. 

Mike Reagle, assistant vice president for Student Affairs and the director of Housing & Dining, said the section of brick which fell off the dorm was caused by the bricks not being properly attached. 

He said when the dorm was originally built, brick ties were not used. Brick ties are small, metal rods used to evenly distribute the weight of brick.

After consulting with structural engineers about the possibility of other brick sections on Minton falling off, Reagle said three additional sections will come down as a safety precaution. He said they will all be the same size as the one which fell. 

He also said they it will likely be the summer when they brick the sections which have come down again. In the meantime, those sections will be sealed.