Bates Subway ranks in top 25 Subways nationwide

Students wait in line in Subway at Bates Runner Hall on Nov. 7, 2017.

Nicole Ziege

The Subway located at Bates Runner Hall is among the Top 25 Subway restaurants in the nation, as part of the “Win Like a Boss” incentive promotion.

The “Win Like a Boss” incentive promotion is an incentive based on an increase in customers. The promotion looked at the top 500 Subway restaurants nationally, with the top 25 restaurants winning grand prizes according to WKU News and a Facebook post by the WKU Restaurant Group.

“There was a specific time period for the promotion and certain levels of increase criteria that needed to be met,” the WKU Restaurant Group’s Facebook post read.

Steve Hoyng, Resident district manager of Aramark in Bowling Green, said Bates Subway’s placement on the list came from combining last year’s sales with this year’s sales, according to a speech he gave to the Student Government Association Senate on Oct. 31.

Louisville senior Jocelyn Porter said it was “surprising” that the restaurant’s earnings were high, but she “believes it.”

“A lot of students go and eat there who don’t have meal plans,” Porter said.

Porter said she eats at the Bates Subway once or twice a week because she said that it is “one of the healthier options on campus.”

Louisville freshman Amanda Beavin said she eats at the Bates Subway about three times a week due to convenience.

“Sometimes it’s the only thing open,” Beavin said. “Compared to other Subways, it’s open a lot later.”

Springhill, Tennessee, freshman Lauren Sheppard said she “rarely” eats at Subway. Sheppard said she was surprised when she heard about the award.

“I’m just surprised because it’s really weird,” Sheppard said.

Louisville junior Pascale Fajardo said she has eaten at Bates Subway about twice this semester.

“I wouldn’t have thought that,” Fajardo said, regarding the award that Bates Subway received. “I don’t think their service is quite good.”

The Bates Subway also recently got rid of its plastic sandwich bags, replacing them with recyclable paper bags. Replacing plastic bags with paper was part of a Student Government Association initiative, SGA Executive Vice President Savannah Molyneaux said.

The initiative was to get Bates Subway to use paper instead of plastic and for the restaurant to use stickers to seal up the sandwich bags, according to Molyneaux said.

“It feels very invigorating and exciting to see the change that we have been working towards for over a year now finally come to fruition,” Molyneaux said. “I greatly appreciate the work of Steve Hoyng from Aramark and the management at Subway for making it happen.”

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