WKU hosts high school leadership conference

“I really enjoyed the diversity of each little meeting or room we went into. It was all so interesting,” said Tori Sizemore, a senior in high school attending the leadership convention at WKU.

Katie Daniels

Over 400 students from Kentucky high schools visited WKU’s campus Friday to learn leadership skills and what it takes to be a college student.

The conference, taking place at the Downing Student Union, started with a keynote address by WKU alumni Cody Hutchins, followed by three afternoon session periods.

Each period included a choice of different sessions with topics varying from “Being a successful college student” to “Who runs the world? Girls!” Many sessions were repeated for increased flexibility, and the students were also offered the opportunity to tour WKU’s campus.

Coordinator of Leadership and Development Laura Johnson said the goals of the conference as twofold. “We want to get [students] onto a college campus, to have that experience, but we also want to give them leadership skills that they can take back to the clubs and organizations in their high schools,” Johnson said.

She described the individual sessions as covering different aspects of leadership including problem solving, personality and team building. All the sessions were led by volunteer WKU faculty members and students.

The high school leadership conference is hosted every year in September by the WKU Leadership and Volunteerism Office, which is a part of the Department of Student Activities. A similar conference for college students will be announced later this semester.