Local audio engineer provides an accessible studio for all

Danielle Chavis

Located in the heart of downtown Bowling Green, owner and head-engineer of NF Studios, “NF” Eckerd, has turned his musical vision into reality. His studio, Nameless Faceless Records, abbreviated NF for short, began as a home studio in 2010. 

Originally, his vision was to create a record label, but after researching and suggestions from his peers, Eckerd’s plan soon changed.

“The notion behind it was always a record label,  but as I got more into it  I wanted to be more behind the scenes and not necessarily in the business with it,” Eckerd said. “So, I established NF Records.”

In the past six years, NF Records has moved from its original home studio to a suite in 410 Suites located on East 10th avenue. Today, Eckerd’s vision for NF Records is in the clientele and the local community.

When Eckerd started NF Records, he envisioned an equipping center of quality service to his clientele without overshadowing the client’s voice. Eckerd decided to name his business Nameless Faceless Records because he wanted to be a behind-the-scenes engineer who is not in search of credit.

“The only side of credit I concern myself with is when artists recommend other artists and musicians to come to my studio,” Eckerd said. “Their advocacy helps me establish more genuine relationships with other artists and gives me the opportunity to help other artist grow their craft.”

Eckerd credits his success with keeping relationships at the center of NF Records. Daniel “D’Casso” Duncan, a local recording artist, described NF Records as being more than just a studio for him.

“It’s not just an equipping center for me,” Duncan said. “I walked into Best Buy and asked [Eckerd], what laptop I should buy for music, and the genuineness in that conversation is why I am here today.”

Locally, NF Records has been described as like a second home by many up-and-coming artist at WKU, as well as in the surrounding area. In 2015, NF Records played as a second home for the rap duo of two WKU sophomores, Matt “Rosario” Vicente and Alex “LougzGee” Gee.

WKU senior and recording artist, Cheyenne “CheyHawwt” Douglas, said  she entrusts Eckerd’s with her sound.

“I’m from Atlanta, and I’ve been to the other studios and like Daniel said, others aren’t as genuine. This is home,” Douglas said. “In other studios, I feel like a guest. I don’t feel like a guest here.”

Both Duncan and Douglas said they consider NF Records to be like home. Duncan considers Eckerd’s genuine nature for the basis of their bond.

“Why music? Why NF? Because that’s my best friend,” Duncan said. “You get genuine when you meet him.”

According to Eckerd, music is at the heart of NF Records and its clientele.

“I can’t do anything else well,” Eckerd said. “I’ve been musically and rhythmically- minded my whole life. Music is my craft, it’s my talent, it’s my gift.”

For the future of NF Records, Eckerd would like to share his gift with both clientele and community.

“I would like to have community action. To go to parts of the city where kids don’t have access to the arts and have them come in here and have a day, a month dedicated to students,” Eckerd said.

Eckerd added, “I would like to focus on lower income points in the community, because a lot of the time the families that do have the money to put their kids in music have the money to do it and they will.”

For the local families who cannot provide the opportunity of music to their children, Eckerd said he wants to inspire and make a difference.

“For the kids that don’t have access, because of financial situations or they have to start working at 15-years-old to provide, it makes it harder for them to get into those things. I want them to have access.”

Eckerd said NF Records is striving to not just be a studio, but an equipping center providing clientele and the community the tools necessary to create and perform music in comfort.

“There is no precedent for music,” Duncan said. “So, for whoever gets into music, if they are true to themselves, this is the one field you can be the most true to yourself,” Duncan said.

Reporter Danielle Chavis can be reached at 270-745-6288 and [email protected]