Married couple shares concerns over health care, Supreme Court

Don Gardener and Madeline Gardener voted on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at Forest Park Baptist Church. “I voted Republican right down the line,” Don Gardener said. “I hope [Donald Trump] wins.”

Callie Miller

Don and Madeline Gardener, married 64 years, drove to Forest Park Baptist Church to vote this morning.

The couple was concerned with the future of Obamacare, Supreme Court justices and some moral issues.

The Affordable Healthcare Act was not what they were expecting.

“I thought a lot of young folks would enroll, but it hasn’t turned out that way,” Don said.

Madeline said she and Don usually agree on political issues, but even when they don’t, it never becomes a problem for them.

“I voted Republican right down the line,” Don said. “I hope [Trump] wins, even though the press would have you believe otherwise.”

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