Trae Jones shooting detailed in incident report

Defensive lineman Trae Jones

Jacob Dick

According to an incident report from the Bowling Green police, junior defensive lineman Trae Jones didn’t realize he was shot on the night of Sept. 2 until after he left his friend’s vehicle in the parking lot of a Bowling Green nightclub.

The incident report received by the Herald Wednesday stated Jones told Officer Stephen Purvis about the shooting while being treated in the emergency room of The Medical Center at Bowling Green.

Pervis noted Jones was not cooperative and would not give details when the interview first started. He remained adamant he didn’t know who had shot him and initially wouldn’t let photos of his injuries be taken.

Jones told Pervis he and a friend were talking to a group of girls in the parking lot of Chocolate City nightclub on Scott Street after the WKU football game when they witnessed a large group of people seeming to argue.

Jones, who was driving his friend’s truck, told the officer they tried to leave but were blocked by a large group of people blocking the street. He said he made a left turn in the lot and immediately heard a gunshot.

Jones said he stopped the truck and left the vehicle to check on a friend in the parking lot. He reported his arm went numb while he was in the parking lot and noticed he was covered in blood.

A witness in the report, Malik Peele, told Purvis he noticed Jones leaning against a gate with blood coming down his arm and appeared very weak. Peele told the officer Jones said he had been shot and needed to go to the hospital. He then drove Jones to the hospital in his car.

Peele said he did not see a disturbance in the parking lot or heard gunshots before leaving the club. He also said he did not know the friend Jones arrived with.