Man airlifted after fight near fraternity houses

Jacob Dick

A man was hospitalized with serious injuries after a fight on Center Street near campus involving several people, according to the Bowling Green Police Department.

An incident report released by police reports Cory Johnson, 20, Frankfort was flown to the University of Kentucky Medical Center with a skull fracture and brain bleeding Saturday night after being involved in a fight in the street between Hyatt Place and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house.

According to the report, a witness told police the fight began in the front yard of the SAE house and Johnson appeared to be instigating the fight, yelling and screaming. The witness said Johnson and two other people were fighting in the street when he was knocked to the ground. The witness didn’t know who the other people were but said it was believed they belonged to the Sigma Nu fraternity.

Another witness told police they assisted moving Johnson to the sidewalk after he was knocked down but he was accidentally dropped on his head.

Emergency services and the Bowling Green Fire Department responded to the scene and reportedly told officers on the scene they believed Johnson was highly intoxicated. He was initially taken to The Medical Center at Bowling Green.

In the report, the reporting officer references a video claimed to be held by the WKU Police Department showing the fight taking place in the roadway of Center Street. The video reportedly depicts Johnson be tackled by a man and is then repeatedly punched in the head by two other men who ran into the fight after he was on the ground.

The video also supposedly shows another person, later identified as Peter Gall, being hit and knocked down by three people. The person identified by the officer as the man who tackled Johnson is reported to have kicked Gall before he and the rest of the men involved walked away towards campus.

Gall told officers after he had been taken to the hospital that he didn’t know the people who had assaulted him or Johnson.

The story will be updated as more information becomes available.