Fraternity fights to knock out cancer

KJ Hall

WKU students and members of the Zeta Mu chapter of Sigma Chi fraternity alike are anticipating the annual Fight Night event that will take place over two nights this weekend.

Sigma Chi is continuing their tradition of setting up a ring, reaching out to local boxers and fighters and hosting Fight Night. All money raised will be donated to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“The goal of Fight Night is to raise as much money as possible for Huntsman,” Bowling Green junior Kaleb Satterly,  President of the Zeta Mu chapter of Sigma Chi, said. “It’s our national philanthropic organization and what most chapters donate to.”

Fight Night is Sigma Chi’s biggest event of the year, with the amount they raise fluctuating from year to year. Last year, Sigma Chi raised over $36,000 to donate to cancer research.

Sigma Chi also has various events throughout this week to help them raise money to put Fight Night on including Derby Days and a pageant in Downing Student Union.

“We’ve actually had two brothers fly out and do trainings and seminars with other Sigma Chi chapters on how to raise money the most effectively,” Satterly said.

Fraternity members, alongside the Fight Night chair, Taylor Oaken, have been prepping for the event since fall, including finding a venue, organizing buses and finding transportation for everyone, Satterly said.

“It’s a whole week where all our fraternity members really get involved,” Hopkinsville sophomore Brandon Scott said.

The event will take place at the Convention Center with the doors opening at 8 p.m. The number of fighters varies each year, but this year there will probably 18-20 fighters with 8-10 fights a night, according to Scott. Each fighter is guaranteed at least two fights and a trophy will be awarded to the champion.

Fight Night is a tradition that has been going on for quite some time.

“We found some old pictures of Fight Night, which was really cool, and we really want to carry on this tradition and keep it going,” Scott said.

Tickets are being sold for $20 a night at the door and $35 for a two-day pass if you purchase in advance.

“I want to see a great turn out for Fight Night and everyone have a good time, but most importantly, I hope we surpass last year’s amount of $36,000 to donate to the Huntsman Cancer Institute,” Scott said.