SGA discusses possible campus renovations; passes two bills

Elisabeth Moore

During Tuesday’s meeting, Student Government Association President Jay Todd Richey announced the Garrett Conference Center might be undergoing a renovation.

Richey said during a meeting with resident district manager of Aramark Steve Hoyng, Hoyng said he wants students to send in a proposal of what Garrett could look like in the future.

“It has the potential to have completely glass walls where you can look out across campus, a farmer’s market inside, a rooftop tower garden. There is the potential to completely redesign this,” Richey said.

Richey said apparently the total cost of the renovation would come from food services. If the renovation were to be funded by a student fee, Richey said he would not approve.

“I am not going to support a student fee for a new building on campus,” Richey said. 

Richey also gave a brief explanation of a new app called RaveGuardian, which is an emergency app that students can use on or around campus. This app will allow users to check in with their emergency contacts and vice versa if they are alone or in an unfamiliar place.

“It should be released in a beta form this semester,” Richey said. “For whoever is in SGA next semester, I would 100 percent urge you all to preach the gospel of the RaveGuardian.”

Director of Public Relations Sawyer Coffey, proposed multiple SGA themed signs that will be located around campus to encourage students to join SGA.

“These signs don’t have to be the same graphic or design,” Coffey said. “The main purpose of these signs is to give our information out and hopefully draw students to the SGA. Each sign will be placed along campus to hopefully draw students in.”

Freshman student speaker Brendan Ward proposed for more scholarships to be made for students who have disabilities.

As a student with two disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Dyslexia, it was hard enough going against other students that have 4.0 GPAs and high ACTs, Ward said.

It should be released in a beta form this semester. For whoever is in SGA next semester, I would 100 percent urge you all to preach the gospel of the RaveGuardian.

“When I was first applying I did not see any scholarships for students with disabilities,” Ward said. “I feel left out because, even though I have a disability, I am proving people wrong by being here. It’s hard knowing that the university doesn’t fund us at all.”

Student speaker Nick Conrad announced Amazon Student has agreed to purchase jerseys and sponsor WKU’s League of Legend team.

“For anyone that does not know what e-sports are, it’s basically, video games are becoming much more professional and ‘athletes”’are getting paid more and more money for just playing video games,” Conrad said. “You know how your mother would always say you can’t be paid playing video games? That’s not true anymore.”

Bill 7-16-S, Funding for Water Bottles for WellU Wednesdays and the 2016 Earth Day Festival, was approved with no debate. This bill allocates $300 to cover half of the cost of the water bottles.

This is just to change what the purpose of the bottles is for, bill author Chelsea Fought said. These bottles, which were made for an earlier event, came in too late due to a manufacturing problem, so they will now be used in WellU Wednesdays starting on March 30 and during our Earth Day Festival.

Bill 11-16-S, Funding for Posters to Advertise the Forum “Life as an LGBTQIA Student on the Hill,” was approved with no debate. This bill allocates $19.29 for 30 posters to advertise the forum.

MyCampusToo will be sponsoring the LGBTQIA forum on Wednesday, March 30 in the SGA Senate Chambers. The forum will cover what it is like for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Intersex, or Asexual student on campus.

The next SGA meeting will take place in the Student Senate Chambers on Tuesday, March 22.