Honors College advisor resigns post

Wolfgang Brauner. WKU File photo

Hannah Shaffer

Wolfgang Brauner, academic advisor for the Honors College, announced on Wednesday, Feb. 3 that he has decided to step down as an advisor.

Brauner shared the news with friends and co-workers through a post on Facebook Wednesday afternoon.

“It is with mixed emotions that I share that I’ve decided to move on from my position as academic advisor at the Honors College,” Brauner wrote. “I have loved working with our students and my great colleagues! I’m going to take a short time off to spend more time with Elijah and I’m excited about exploring new professional opportunities very soon!”

Craig Cobane, the executive director of the Honors College, said that he understands Brauner’s decision to resign and explore other opportunities due to the number of hours required for the job and the level of stress that it conveys.

“He will be missed,” Cobane said. “He was very popular with the students. He is a DJ who has played many Honors College events at my house. I believe his name was DJ Wolfie.”

WKU is in the process of finishing up the required paperwork in order to post the job vacancy online. Until this process is complete, Cobane is unable to search for a replacement.

“We are hoping to find someone who has [Brauner’s] personality,” Cobane said. “We want to fill the position as quickly as possible.”

Elizabeth Gish, assistant professor of Honors Interdisciplinary Studies, agreed that it would be important to find a new adviser with a similar personality.

“The hardest part is the connection with the students,” Gish said.

In the mean time professors within the Honors College will be conducting the advising appointments.

Gish said the students should not notice much of a difference in the upcoming weeks.

“Everyone jumps in and picks up the slack,” Gish said. “Everyone is going to make sure that [advising] is covered.”

Cobane said each professor in the Honors College is responsible for three areas of work. Each professor is expected to teach, to do research and to service the honors college. This service is taken care of by the advising appointments that the staff picks up as needed.

Cobane wanted to ensure students of one thing; students don’t have to worry about the quality of advising going down.

Brauner was unavailable for comment at the time of production.