Beat the midsemester blues, finish strong

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Sydney Rae Davis

With less than six weeks left in the semester and Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks on the horizon, some students may feel unmotivated and anxious for a break.

To beat the midsemester blues, several upperclassmen have offered their advice on how to finish the semester strong by prioritizing time and health.

Junior Clay Schulz of Nashville advises students to “stay positive, put aside fun stuff for a while if you have to and celebrate when it’s all done.”

However, junior Kristina Gonzalez-Lopez from Elizabethtown understands the danger of becoming too bogged down by schoolwork.

“Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed,” she said. “You need to try to work some free time into your schedule. Doing something fun or relaxing will help keep a little bit of sanity.”

Connor Brown, a junior from Louisville, believes staying healthy is the biggest factor in completing a semester successfully, and time management is a major component of that.

“Make sure that you take breaks in between studying and tests because constantly working and stressing is really unhealthy,” Brown said. “Drink lots of water; maybe switch out your coffee with tea. Make sure you have a schedule, and plan ahead for what is due.”

Junior Dexter Crowdus from Louisville is also a supporter of mental health and self confidence.

“Tell yourself you are great and that you can do it,” Crowdus said.

Josh Price, a junior from Elizabethtown, shared his key to a successful semester.

“Cancel your Netflix subscription,” Price said. “In all reality, stepping away from your ‘My List’ on Netflix for a day or two might not be the worst idea.”

Instead of being locked behind a computer screen, junior Ashley Latham from Paducah recommends hitting the gym.

“Definitely be concerned about your physical activity level,” Latham explained. “If you’re stressing out about your finals, if you’re stressing out about your homework, just go work out for a little bit, and then you’ll be more motivated to study.”

Whether you decide to work out or to sign off from Netflix for a couple of hours, remember Thanksgiving break is only 21 days away.