SGA supports vaccination requirement

Marcel Mayo

The Student Government Association’s senate passed a resolution Tuesday to support a requirement for incoming freshmen to receive meningitis vaccinations.

Resolution 6-15-F, Resolution to Support Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccinations for Incoming Freshmen Who Reside in On-Campus Housing, was passed unanimously.

The resolution supports a requirement of meningitis vaccinations for incoming freshmen who reside in on-campus housing beginning with the class of 2020.


Bill 10-15-F,  to Adopt an Amendment to the Bylaws of the Student Government Association, also passed unanimously.

During his report, SGA President Jay Todd Richey said the listening tours to extended campuses ended with success, and he received much feedback from WKU students.

“It’s very hard to put into words how very different these campuses are,” Richey said.

A full-time security guard for the Glasgow campus is a top priority for the extended campus.

“Major concerns are raised because a full-time security guard or police officer is not there,” Richey said.

Owensboro campus is also the only regional campus that doesn’t have a Student Body Association yet.

“Because we have extensive access [here] on Bowling Green campus, I’d love to see the system for WKU to be more reflected on Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board and the Herald as three of the most influential student organizations at WKU,” said Richey.

Richey said the Fort Knox Regional Center does not have a veterans’ representative, which is a problem because a military base surrounds the campus.

“They said they had it last year, but problems had arisen, and that position is no longer filled,” Richey said.

The extended campuses are adding to the university’s mission of guiding student success, Richey said.