Baptist Campus Ministries organizes mission trip to Southeast Asia

Marcel Mayo

In an effort to spread the gospel to the corners of the earth, Baptist Campus Ministries is planning a mission trip to Southeast Asia.

BCM is a student and statewide-recognized organization funded through the Kentucky Baptist Convention. BCM hosts various events and bible studies around campus so students are able to grow in their faith. 

According to the Kentucky Baptist Convention website, campus ministries is a ministry provided by Kentucky Baptist churches to “help churches lead college students in the academic community to encounter Jesus Christ and to develop them as multiplying disciples and leaders.”

The trip will be open to all students and will be during winter break from Dec. 27 to Jan. 9. The cost of the trip will range from $2,700 to $2,800. This cost includes airfare and the cost of living while in Southeast Asia.

Campus Ministry intern and Louisville graduate student Omega Buckner said BCM will aid any student who has a desire to attend the trip

“We’ll be doing collective support raising. If this is something that somebody truly wants to do, then there are people out there — organizations who will make sure this happens,” Buckner said. 

Students will also be staying in a residential home during the trip to experience living conditions common to the location’s residents.

BCM President and Bowling Green native Brad Clardy reflected on a mission trip he attended two years ago to the Dominican Republic. He said the experience was amazing because he was able to see a part of the world he would not have seen otherwise. 

“It was just an amazing opportunity because I got to see part of the world we don’t get to see, and I saw poverty — real needs,” Clardy said.

Clardy said that at its core, BCM is an organization of college students who wish to grow in their faith.

“It’s not a church. It’s a place you can find bible studies and to make friendships and impact our campus for positive meaning,” he said.

He said BCM’s main objectives for this trip — sharing the gospel and experiencing the culture of Southeast Asia — is similar to the objectives of previous trips the organization has taken.  

Associate Campus Missionary and trip coordinator Joel Nickell said a majority of the trip will consist of prayer walks, distributing literature and meeting people to share a message of hope.

“It’s a great opportunity because you’re getting away from everything. You’re giving a week or two weeks — a month or two months — completely to God,” said Nickell.

Nickell said those interested are free to sign up at BCM by giving information such as their name and phone number; they can also ask a member of the organization for additional information.

“Anyone can come to BCM. We’re here to help others and get involved in our community,” Clardy said.