Phi Delta Theta settles into their new home

Phi Delta Theta members prepare to take a group photo with their new pledges on Saturday, Aug. 29, at the Phi Delta Theta house. The fraternity moved into its newly built home this semester after being recolonized two years ago. 

Hannah Shaffer

Phi Delta Theta fraternity recently moved into their new home on the Hill. 

The Phi Delta Theta KY-Eta chapter at WKU lost their charter in 2013 for issues with debt, lack of membership and poor academic standing. The fraternity was reinstated in the spring of 2014. Once reinstated, the Phi Delts began the process of building a new home for their members. 

The nine-month project, a 16,900-square-foot house, began with a groundbreaking ceremony on Homecoming weekend last year and was completed on Aug. 20.

Atlanta junior Nathan Wilson moved into the house with his fraternity brothers on Aug. 21. He said it is already becoming a community for them. 

“It became a hub for us,” Wilson said. 

Wilson said the Phi Delts have received several compliments about the house and that there has been “nothing but praise.”

The house is a large, rustic stone building with balconies overlooking the yard and the other houses on the street. It also has an indoor balcony on the second floor overlooking the first floor common area. The house contains 16 small one-person bedrooms, an awards room that showcases Greek Week awards as well as the photographs of the chapter’s founding fathers, a prayer room, a study room, a chapter meeting room and three common areas. The house is home to 16 of the 63 active members of the fraternity. 

Miller Pogue, Owensboro senior and Phi Delt member, said the house is never empty.

“People are enjoying [the house] so much that they come at all times,” Pogue said.