Family of triplets transfer to the Hill

Junior triplets, from left: Andrew Buckleses, Adrianne Buckleses and Avery Buckleses, of Elizabethtown, transferred to WKU after completing two years of school at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. Alyse Young/HERALD

Sydney Rae Davis

They share a family, they share a college, they share an apartment — and they’ve never been apart for more than one day. They are triplets.

Adrianne, Andrew and Avery Buckles are juniors from Elizabethtown who see each other not just as family but as lifelong pals.

The triplets spent their first two years of college at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College and then transferred to WKU for this school year. They never really considered going to different schools, each of them said.

“I think we always wanted to go to school together,” Andrew Buckles said. “I don’t think there was any plan to go another way.”

“There was never a question [of separating],” Adrianne Buckles said.

“There was never really another option, to be honest,” Avery Buckles explained. “Ever since we talked about college in general, it was an all-for-one type of thing.”

The trio share an apartment in Bowling Green, and Adrianne and Avery Buckles also share a major in biology. The two share every class this semester except one. Andrew Buckles, an exercise science major, is not too far off in his area of study.

“We always have someone to study with,” Andrew Buckles said. “It’s just kind of nice.”

The three have never been separated from each other for more than a day at a time.

“I don’t think we’ve all been in one different place [at the same time],” Andrew Buckles said.

Although Adrianne Buckles is the only female sibling, she says she has never felt excluded or ganged-up on by her brothers.

“I actually grew up a tomboy, so we really got along and did everything together,” Adrianne Buckles said. “They’re really supportive. It’s actually really good to have brothers, and I like being the only girl.”

Although the triplets have always lived together, they say it’s different at school since they’re away from their parents and hometown. Andrew Buckles believes it’s been a good transition.

“It was the first time for us being out on our own … so it has its challenges so far, but we like it,” Andrew Buckles said. “There are challenges, you know — running a household and going to school — but we’re enjoying it.”

The three enjoy being triplets, they said, because of the close camaraderie they share.

“The fact that you have someone who has similar values and interests as you that you are so close to — I think that’s been a real blessing to have that,” Andrew Buckles said.

After earning their undergraduate degrees, the Buckles triplets plan to pursue another degree in the field of medicine.

“[Avery] wants to specialize in pediatrics, and I want to specialize in neonatology,” Adrianne Buckles said. “Andrew wants to attend PT or PA school and focus on a specialization within.”