Three names added to WKU’s Hall of Distinguished Alumni

Thomas A. George III (left), Naomi J. McAfee (center) and Nancy L. Quarcelino (right) will be inducted into WKU’s Hall of Distinguished Alumni this fall during Homecoming. Photo courtesy of Western Kentucky University. 


Three names will be added to WKU’s Hall of Distinguished Alumni this fall during Homecoming with the ushering in of the three-member 24th class.

Thomas A. George III graduated from WKU in 1982 and since has put forth and award-winning career as a sports journalist. 

Once the Sports Editor of the College Heights Herald, he has since worked as a columnist, writer and editor for the Detroit Free Press, the New York Times, the Denver Post, AOL,, NFL Magazine, the NFL Network, and currently works as a columnist for

Naomi J. McAfee graduated from WKU in 1956 as the first woman in the history of WKU to graduate with a degree in physics (in the mid 50’s, women received less than .1 percent of the engineering degrees earned nation wide). 

As an internationally recognized engineer, McAfee spent 38 years with Westinghouse, which at the time of her arrival was an all-male engineering establishment. Her specialty is reliability engineering, and along with Westinghouse, she has worked with the Department of Defense, the Army Science Board, and the Departments of the Air Force and Army.

Nancy L. Quarcelino graduated from WKU in 1977, and the accomplished golfer and golf-teaching instructor established WKU’s women’s golf team during her sophomore year on the Hill. 

After graduation, Quarcelino grew to become a member of the LPGA and PGA of America, coaching both men and women of varying skill levels.  She has coached amature men and women, competitive junior golfers, collegiate golfers, LPGA and PGA professionals, and ever athletes on the LPGA tour and PGA development tours.   In 1992 she started the Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf in Nashville—a program that still teaches athletes today. She is already a member of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Hall of Fame.