Parking, tuition to be key topics at WKU Regents’ Friday meeting


Friday’s Board of Regents quarterly meeting will feature approving university spending, tuition and fees and include an appearance by the Council on Postsecondary Education President Bob King.

Proposed tuition increases for undergraduate students raise tuition by almost $200 per semester, from $4,570 in 2015 to $4,741 for 2016. 

Out-of-state undergraduates will experience a $390 increase per semester, from $11,676 to $12,066 in the next year.

Faculty Regent Barbara Burch said several action items should warrant discussion among the board.

“I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t more discussion about tuition and fees schedule,” she said. “I would think that since we’re going to have a guest at this meeting, the CPE president, I’m sure there will be discussion about budget and funding models for the future.” 

The Board is also set to approve the Student Government Association’s resolution for a $30 student fee for a new parking structure. The additional fee means students will now pay $380 per semester in mandatory student fees. 

Originally approved in early March, the $30 fee would subsidize a $10 million parking structure on Creason Lot. The agenda noted the new fee will have a “sunset clause,” meaning the university will stop charging the $30 fee upon completion of the lot. 

The agenda also includes approving seven new academic programs, ranging from graduate certificates to a new Bachelor of Science in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. 

“I think we’ve got some creative new certificate and minor programs coming up at this time,” Burch said. “Those are always good to see.” 

Four faculty members are up for emeritus status, having worked at WKU for at least 10 years and created “distinguished records of achievement and service at the university.” Ric Keaster, of education, Bart White, of journalism and broadcasting, Mitzi Groom, of music and Barry Brunson, of mathematics, are qualified to be recommended for appointment. 

“There are a lot of items that are just purely enjoyable when you get to celebrate honoring people,” Burch said.  

Overall, Burch said she looks forward to Friday’s meeting.

“The Board of Regents meeting is really a significant one,” she said. “It’s the university’s governing board and everything they have on the agenda is of importance and value in shaping this institution.”