SGA inducts new senators, wraps up election

Anna Lawson

On the way to class, it is almost impossible not to see signs, sidewalk chalk or posters encouraging students to vote for certain candidates running for various Student Government Association positions. 

“Just encourage everyone to participate in elections and voting,” said Nolan Miles, executive vice president, at Tuesday’s SGA meeting. 

Jay Todd Richey, speaker of the senate, and Brian Chism, student affairs committee chair, wrapped up their campaigns for SGA president on Wednesday. Miles, the current vice president, was seeking reelection and ran unopposed. Liz Koehler, administrative vice president, and senator William Berry, were running for administrative vice president. Twenty senate seats were also being contested. Election results, which were not available at press time, are posted online at

SGA President Nicki Taylor said it was nice taking a backseat during the election cycle. 

“It is really weird to this time not be running for anything, but it’s nice to just kind of sit back and enjoy all the posters and yard signs and sidewalk chalk and all that good stuff going up,” said Taylor during Tuesday’s meeting.

Taylor also introduced two senators she put up for appointment. Daniel Aroh and Dedais Hudgins were both sworn in unanimously. 

“I want to get more involved in campus,” said Aroh. “I want to be able to translate the student body’s word to SGA and speak for the students here at Western Kentucky.”

Hudgins, who was in the military before coming to WKU, said he wants to continue his leadership skills.

“Really and truly, I just want to help people in the long run,” he said. “I’d rather help like you all do, like write bills, continue to help people even after I leave.”

Abdul Olanrewaju was also elected senator later in the meeting with unanimous consent. He is a member of the African Student Union. 

“Regardless what they say about Africa, some of it is true, some of it is false and when you come over here that’s the aim is to teach everybody what the true Africa is,” he said referring to the African Student Union. 

Tyler Scaff, campus improvements committee chair, said he has scheduled a Campus Safety Walk for Wednesday, April 22 at 6:30 p.m. beginning in Centennial Mall. During the walk, WKU officials and SGA representatives will tour the campus and look for locations needing safety improvements. 

For the month of April, SGA will be using reusable bags and containers. This is part of a pilot program to create a more sustainable campus and decrease waste. If the program is successful, it may be implemented campus wide. 

Bill 5-15-S, Funding from Organizational Aid Appropriations for Habitat for Humanity International Inc WKU, Financial management Association, Nonprofit Student Association, Wesley Foundation, Model Arab League, Black Student Alliance and WKU Red Wave was passed with unanimous consent. The bill states the SGA will allocate $1,330 to the aforementioned organizations. 

 SGA’s next meeting will be held  Tuesday, April 7.