WKU students react to snow storm

Junior Evan Mack (from left), sophomore Tanner Leigh and sophomore Josh Wellum “layout” in the snow in front of the Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center, Monday, February 16, 2015. The three students, along with many others around campus, used the first snow day of the semester to play in the snow. The National Weather Service estimated 10 to 15 inches of snow accumulation over most of central Kentucky. Photo by Alyssa Pointer/ WKU HERALD

Trey Crumbie

WKU’s campus and Bowling Green as a whole was completely covered in nearly a foot of snow, Monday.

Students received notice of the cancellation of Monday classes on Sunday night, before even a flake hit the ground, as media relations director Bob Skipper sent out emails and texts about the changes. 

At 2:44 p.m. on Monday, students were again notified of yet another day of cancelled classes. 

As maintenance crews worked throughout the day to clear the sidewalks and roadways of the white, fluffy powder, students on the Hill enjoyed their day off playing.

From snowball fights to sledding, students took advantage of the uncommon snowy weather.

Some students were just happy to be off from school.

Nashville senior Jerome Hill, who works at the information desk at Downing Student Union, said he’s used his time off from school to be productive and earn more money at his job.

“I’ve also been walking through the snow and enjoying just the sights of everybody throwing snow at each other,” he said.

Hill said he hasn’t had the opportunity to engage in any snow activities like sledding, but plans to.

Princeton sophomore Nathan Wilson has used the time off from school to catch up on his political science homework. He usually studies on the second floor of DSU.

“It keeps me focused,” he said.

Wilson, who is recovering from a cold, hasn’t engaged in any snowball warfare.

As Wilson was studying, several students could be seen clearing a car of snow in the Minton Circle lot. 

Bowling Green was not the only town affected by the storm. Gov. Steve Beshear declared a statewide emergency early Monday afternoon, due to the snow and cold temperatures. 

Although some students have been happy with a four-day weekend, others are wishing for an extension.

“Hopefully Bob Skipper comes in clutch again,” Wilson said.