Two charged with murder of WKU student to have court date

Trey Crumbie

Two individuals accused with the murder of a former WKU student will have their court date later this year.

Domonique Leshay Wortham, 23, and Adriana Monique Mason, 20, are both charged with the murder of Larry Thomas who at the time was a freshman from Louisville. 

The two appeared separately for their hearings, Thursday in Warren Circuit Court. Their trial date is set for Nov. 12 in Warren Circuit Court, according to court documents.

The Herald reported Thomas was shot once at the Greenhaven Apartments at 2001 Rockcreek Drive on Sept. 2, 2013. He was transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville where he later died.

In a 2013 preliminary hearing, Bowling Green Police Department detective Matt Davis delivered a testimony stating Wortham and Mason planned to rob Thomas, who was given $1,000 worth of marijuana to be paid back to Wortham after it was sold. Mason told Davis that Wortham and Mason planned a robbery to steal the money.

Mason spent part of the day with Thomas, while texting Wortham information.

Using Mason’s testimony, Davis said the plan was for Mason to convince Thomas to take a shower telling him that she would join him. Once Thomas was in the shower, Mason unlocked the door to the apartment to let Wortham in.

Wortham couldn’t find the money and encountered Thomas after he had gotten out of the shower. 

Mason said Wortham pointed a gun at her and then at Thomas. A fight broke out between the two men shortly after. 

The fight ended with a gunshot and a scream from Thomas, Davis said. Mason told the detective that Wortham then pointed the gun at her, threatening her afterward, according to Mason’s testimony. 

Wortham and Mason left the apartment with $400, a platinum-gold watch and gold teeth. Both were arrested in 2013.

Mason and Wortham are also charged with tampering with physical evidence, first-degree burglary and first-degree robbery. Both are being held at Warren County Regional Jail on a $1 million bond, according to the jail’s website.