Students, faculty and staff return to the Hill

Trey Crumbie

Monday marked the first day WKU had classes since Friday, Feb. 13. After more than a week off from class, some students on the Hill were more eager to get back to back to work than others.

Students, such as Greenville sophomore Gabby Wayne, used the week off from school to catch up on studying.  Wayne, who would have had three tests last week, now has five tests this week due to last week’s tests being moved up.

“The week off gave me a lot of time, to like, get more prepared cause I wouldn’t been able to do it if we didn’t have extra time,” she said.

Wayne spent a portion of Monday morning in Downing Student Union working on a paper for her botany major.

Although classes were cancelled, some students, like Elizabethtown freshman Jeffery Grey, still had to go jobs off-campus. Grey, who works at Mister B’s Pizza & Wings, said he felt behind in his coursework.

“I feel like we missed a lot and paid for all those days we weren’t in class,” he said.

Grey said he also found it difficult to do assignments that would normally be assigned the previous week if school were in session due to not being in class.

“I definitely tried my best,” Grey said.

Some faculty members, like Janice Davenport, SKyTeach master teacher, were glad to be back. She said her classes “haven’t missed a beat.”

Davenport said her students were willing to get back to into their regular coursework and she would have to wait before determining if she was behind on her curriculum.

“Today (Monday), I feel like that we made a lot of progress and if we can continue to do that, I think we’ll be fine,” she said. 

Davenport said she still communicated with her students constantly throughout the past week.

“Thank goodness email didn’t go down,” she said.

Kathy Williams, an office coordinator in the School of Journalism & Broadcasting, spent most of her time off from work inside, reading and reorganizing her closet. Williams also kept up with her work through email and said she didn’t feel overwhelmed by her workload on Monday.

“I knew it was coming,” she said.

Williams said she has noticed a lot of people who were itching to go back.

“I’ve been real happy with the students,” she said. “Everybody seems so happy to be back out doing something.”