Worst sci-fi shows of all time

The best science fiction TV is incredibly imaginative, allowing the audience to be completely absorbed by a foreign world. Whether that means conversing with a new species, exploring the possibilities of technology, or diving deep into the far reaches of space, a science fiction universe beckons the viewer into a place that is all at once fantastical and unknown. It allows viewers to believe that the unimaginable just might happen—someday, somehow—in a distant galaxy or aboard a spaceship traveling to one.Successful science fiction shows are not just defined by ratings, awards, or critical acclaim. They also give rise to fandoms, whose passion and knowledge are as boundless as the stories and worlds they love. Often these shows reach cult classic status. But not all sci-fi shows find such loyal and devoted fans.Maybe it’s the fault of overused tropes, one too many manic plot twists, unbelievable acting, or silly dialogue. Perhaps it is remaking that which should not be remade or that which should never have been made at all. Whatever the reason, the sci-fi shows discussed on this list each have their shortcomings. In order to form this ranking, Stacker collected data from IMDb. All shows listed received at least 2,000 user votes; the lower a show’s number is on the list, the worse it is.This list features remakes that can’t compare to the originals, shows based on novels that were much more successful, and animated adventures that weren’t all that exciting. Whether it’s a show about Mexican wrestlers, a family of superheroes, a battle between good and evil, or a janitor exposed to toxic chemicals, this list contains the worst of the worst. Without further ado, join us as we take a trip through the worst sci-fi shows known to humanity.You may also like: 50 best season finales in TV history

Stacker collected data from IMDb to bring you the worst sci-fi shows of all time. All shows listed received at least 2,000 user votes; the lower a show’s number, the worse it is.