Minton elevator still damaged after flood

Lashana Harney

The recent flooding of Minton Hall due to a pipe burst has left residents with one working elevator.

Brian Kuster, executive director of Housing and Residence Life, said that the water damaged the elevator car electrical equipment.

The damaged elevator has been out of order since Saturday, Oct. 18.

Kuster said HRL is currently working with KONE Elevators to get the elevator back in service.

“Their estimate to replace the damaged components is over $32,000,” Kuster said.

Kuster said the WKU Student Life Foundation will pay for the repairs.

Kuster said HRL issued a purchase order for the parts on Oct. 24. Kuster estimated that the elevator should be repaired within the coming weeks.

“Once the parts arrive they will immediately begin the repair,” he said.

Louisville freshman Madigan Dial said having one working elevator makes the process of getting to her room much slower.

“I live on the ninth floor and when there is only one working elevator, it stops on every floor,” Dial said.

Dial said she looks forward to the second elevator getting repaired.

“The wait time for the working elevator seems so long,” Dial said. “It’s not really a problem, just something that’s a little aggravating after a long day of classes.”